Website Consulting

Website Consulting

Are you looking to enhance your website and improve its effectiveness? Sometimes websites just don’t work as well as they should, they miss the mark somehow. It doesn’t need to be that way.

We not only help businesses get the most out of their websites by increasing traffic through SEO and PPC we also help businesses mitigate against potential hurdles, improve conversions and sales and develop strategies for their websites.

With experience dating back to 1996 (the first web page was published in 1990!), we have been working since before Google and YouTube and just a year or two after eBay and Amazon.

We are available to advise on any web-related matter and take a custom approach to each project.

We’d love to hear about your project and chat about how we could help

The consulting work we carry out is diverse and ranges from one-off audits and reviews through to devising full website development and marketing strategies. Some of the types of work we perform follows:

SEO Audits

A one-off SEO audit will identify the opportunities there are for optimising a website to improve its rankings. Quite often we carry out audits of newly designed websites before or shortly after they go live.

Rankings Recovery

Over time a website may slip in its rankings or lose placements after a new design. One client approached us some months after implementing a new website design that had wiped out their rankings. We reviewed the website and implemented a strategy for recovering their positions and returning to the top of key searches.

Algorithm Updates

Algorithm updates can have an enormous impact on otherwise stable websites. After a Google algorthm update, one client lost two-thirds of their top 3 placements. By reviewing their website and applying our knowledge of the algorithm we were able to deliver a strategy for recovering most of their top spots.

Agency Auditing

Sometimes clients ask us to review their SEO or PPC campaigns managed by other agencies. In the past, we have discovered clients paying £3,600 per year for non-existent SEO and an oak framed building client wasting £750 a year on ads for wooden photo frames. We’re happy to provide impartial one-off assessments of current campaigns.

New Website Implementations

Introducing a new website design can be seamless and have no impact on rankings when planned and executed correctly. We have helped many clients launch their new websites whilst maintaining their pre-existing Google juice and rankings.

Website Reviews

On occasion clients ask us to review their websites to provide guidance on how best to enhance them, usually to add a new feature, bring it up-to-date or make it better than a competitor’s website.

Website Investigations

Sometimes a website may have a fault, the cause of which is not known. A large stock photo library asked us to investigate why many of their images were not being indexed and how to improve their image search placements. Our investigation highlighted areas to be optimised and following implementation, both indexing and search placements improved.

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