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We have a very straightforward approach to search engine optimisation and our roles as SEO consultants: our job is to increase the visibility of our clients’ websites in Google and other search engines, to drive targeted and relevant visitors to them.

SEO is not trickery and we take a very analytical path for our campaigns, making sure as much data as possible is considered. Our “belts and braces” policy ensures technical, onpage and offpage aspects known to have an impact on rankings are optimised and maintained.

As each client is unique, with their own goals, timeframes and budgets, each SEO campaign we devise is customised to them. Our analytical approach to the work, however, means most campaigns follow a similar pattern of analysis, implementation and maintenance.

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Although campaigns are created individually for each unique client, we have a core model we follow which covers all the major tasks required for effective SEO and is considered best practice:


Client Consultation

The first step is to talk with the client to develop a thorough understanding of the business, its products and/or services and the target audience. We’ll also talk about any previous website or digital marketing undertaken and any particular goals or strategies the client is following.


Technical SEO Audit

We then conduct a full technical SEO audit of the website. The technical audit looks at over 200 optimisations that can improve how search engines crawl and index the website, making the website easier for them to understand and explore.


Keyword Analysis

The foundation of all SEO is targeting the right keywords. Our analysis identifies the search terms used at different stages in the buying process, together with search volumes and related terms. These guide our ongoing work and will be used as key indicators for progress during the campaign.


Onpage Analysis

Using the information from the previous steps, we review the website to optimise the content for the target keywords. This includes updating page titles, H1 tags and, potentially, planning for a re-structure of the site and new content.



The optimisations that have been identified are then implemented, with any that are content related being referred to the client for approval beforehand. These changes will include making the onpage optimisations, 301 redirects, 404 corrections, addressing duplicate content through removal or by using canonical tags and sitemap enhancements.


Internal Linking Analysis

The website’s internal links are analysed and optimised to ensure that the focus for target keywords is directed towards the right pages and not diluted by low priority content.


Offpage Analysis

Our offpage analysis includes reviewing the business’s Google My Business profile, backlink profile and other ways in which the rest of the web interacts and refers to the website. We may then recommend some backlinks are removed or disavowed to reduce potential link spam.

Ongoing Optimisation

With much of the initial onsite optimisation completed, we carry out an ongoing cycle of tasks to improve the website’s authority.


Competitor Analysis

By analysing websites that compete for the same keywords, we can see why they rank higher and what they have done to get there. This information can then be applied to the client’s website.


Link building is a crucial element of any SEO campaign, as the search engines view them as a vital form of references and/or endorsements. Reaching out and securing topic relevant links back to the website is a major ongoing task.


Content Creation

We create engaging informational content for the website, to provide more opportunities for targeting long-tail and semantic keywords.


Ongoing Audits

We continuously audit and review the website to ensure that it remains technically optimised, that the content is topical and that the internal linking is structured and relevant.

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