PPC Ads Management

PPC Ads Management

Our aim when managing pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads or Facebook Ads is to reduce our client’s overall spend whilst increasing conversions. We want our clients to get the most they can for their money.

PPC advertising is highly targeted and measurable, which enables us to manage campaigns so ads perform optimally at all times and within budget.

As well as managing PPC ads for clients who also pursue an SEO campaign with us, we look after and manage campaigns for advertising clients only. For both types of client, we take a data-led approach.

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Each campaign we develop is like no other, as the audience and desired outcome are individual to each business, product and service. We set up and manage campaigns by following a standardised model for maximum results:


Client Consultation

All our campaigns, for both SEO and PPC management, start with a talk with the client to develop a thorough understanding of the business, its products and/or services and the target audience.


Keyword Analysis

Once we have a thorough understanding of the business, its products and services and target market, we research the best keywords and search terms to advertise on. Keyword analysis never stops and is maintained throughout the campaign.


Website Review

Following on from the keyword research, we review the website to identify the best landing pages to use. That way, when clicking on an ad the potential customer is taken to the most relevant and engaging page.


Ad Creation

We create ads that are optimised to perform according to the audience, keyword and subject of the ad. We target each ad to be shown to the target audience, in the right location, on the right device and at the right time.


Analytics Integration

We set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics, to properly measure the results of each ad and monitor their performance. This data enables us to properly monitor the campaign and provide results to clients.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

After the initial setup, we continue to closely monitor the performance of the ads and make enhancements where necessary.


Keyword Auditing

By auditing the searches for which ads are being displayed we can make sure they are shown for relevant searches only and not being selected by Google for unrelated keywords.


Ad Revisions

Lower performing ads are reviewed and are either re-written or dropped. Other ads are tweaked to improve clicks and conversions.


Ongoing Monitoring

All aspects of the campaign are monitored to draw out optimal performance, including the landing pages to which the ads are directed.

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