Speed up your WordPress Site

Why is WordPress site speed so important?

Your WordPress site speed is important, but do you know just how important it really is?

With the world becoming more fast paced with each year that passes it becomes increasingly important for your customers to be able to access what they want when they want it.  This is why your wordpress site speed is so important.  Customers are not going to wait for your site to load.   A customers average waiting time has dropped drastically in the last 15 years and now in 2017 it is at an extreme low of customers waiting an AVERAGE of two seconds!

Do you really want to lose out on new customers?  Do you want to lose your existing customers?  Your WordPress site speed is more important than you think!

How do i  check my WordPress site speed?

Google first put emphasis on site speed in 2010 and since then its impact has only increased.  You can check their opinion of your site by entering your site in to their Google Page Analytics site.  It works on a traffic light system so it is easy to decipher how well your wordpress site speed is affecting your website.  Page analytics will give you a basic overview of what is affecting your site speed.

We at Website consultants want to ensure that every aspect of your site that could affect its speed is looked at so we also make sure to use more indepth tools to analyse your site;



How can we help improve your WordPress Site Speed?

If your site speed is an issue we can help by performing the following tasks;

  1. Optimise your site images
  2. Enable Caching of your pages
  3. Optimise your homepage to load quickly
  4. Optimise your WordPress database
  5. Minify CSS
  6. Minify HTML
  7. Minify Javascript
  8. Eliminate render blocking Javascript and CSS
  9. Enable Compression
  10. Install security to ensure no malicious scripts are uploaded to your site.

Once completed we will provide you with a report detailing exactly what we have done.  It will also include recommendations in the report to ensure that you know what you can continue to do in the future to ensure your site continues to load quickly for your customers.


Do you want your WordPress site speed to go from this?

Wordpress site speed before

To this?

Wordpress Site speed after

Then get in touch today and let Website Consultants give your site a boost!