Adding us to Google Analytics

Adding us to Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks visitors to a website and provides some very useful statistics.

We need access to Google Analytics so we can analyse the stats since they help guide our work.

Log in to Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account at

Enter Admin Settings

In the bottom left-hand corner click on the sprocket icon, which will look like:


Enter User Management

There should now be a panel on the right-hand side with three columns, each with a blue button at the top. In the middle column, under this button:

Click on the link for User Management:

Enter Add User

In the top right-hand corner of the console that pops up, click on the blue circle to add a new user:

And then click on Add Users:

Add User

A new panel will open and enter in the “email address” field and then click the checkbox for “Edit”:

And then click the blue “Add” button:


We have now been added so you can exit Google Analytics.

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